Mission Statement


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The Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative aims to put ideas into action. We leverage the innovations that grow here at the university level to make tangible, perceptible change through entrepreneurship. Duke I&E does not displace the university’s time-tested mission of teaching and the creation of knowledge, but rather expands that mission to include the conversion of knowledge into real things and real actions to make a real difference in real people’s lives. Duke I&E reimagines the role of the university in modern society, away from an institution whose work ends with the creation of ideas and toward one whose work begins with those ideas, toward an institution that seeks to solve in a practical way the great challenges of our time. Achieving this goal requires progress along three axes:


A range of educational programs designed to give students both the practical and theoretical knowledge they require to recognize the opportunities afforded by ideas and to act on those opportunities.

Educational and training opportunities for the larger Duke community, including alumni, parents, siblings and patients, bringing a broader and richer perspective to campus through the experience of our friends beyond our walls.


Develop a fundamental understanding of the ingredients that lead to impactful innovation and entrepreneurship at the individual, institutional and ecosystem levels.

The creation of a living laboratory with new knowledge constantly informing new programs and the allocation of resources.


Provisions for the Duke community to turn their ideas into action, connecting innovation with the expertise it needs to grow.

Facilitation of human relationships, physical spaces, capital and feasibility analysis.


As we begin the 21st century, our university continues to evolve toward an institution that values the translation of knowledge that grows at the university to practical application that betters the human condition, at home and around the world. We will achieve this goal by providing the educational and material resources that enable innovation and entrepreneurship, but also by expanding and deepening our fundamental knowledge of innovation and entrepreneurship and the conditions that enable and encourage it.