Speaking Engagement Opportunities

Speaking Engagement Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in speaking with Duke students. This document outlines expectations for speaking engagements connected to the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative.

What I&E Expects from Speakers
– An innovative & entrepreneurial focus – Subject matter should allow students to reflect upon innovative ideas or critically think about the translation of these ideas to positively impact individuals, communities, institutions, and societies.
– Professionalism – Speakers should be on time, engaging, and prepared, asking for any resources needed from I&E prior to arrival (technical support, travel recommendations, marketing).
– Connection to personal experience – Content should connect to the speaker’s personal journey.

What Speakers Can Expect from I&E
– Technical support – Staff will work with speaker to ensure any audio/visual and event-specific needs are met, and a staff member will be present at the event to address any on-site issues as they arise.
– Travel assistance – At the speaker’s request, staff can assist in flight and hotel referrals, as well as with transportation around Durham. Travel expenses are unfortunately not in the program’s budget.
– Event marketing – I&E will share information about the event through numerous channels including listserves, online postings, and on campus printed materials.

What Student Attendees Hope to Gain
– Professional knowledge – Attendees will have the opportunity to expand their insight into a field of interest, gain a behind-the-scenes perspective from the speaker’s experience, and begin networking with industry-leading professionals.
– Personal development – Students will advance their decision-making skills, confidence, teamwork, and understanding of self with the opportunity to engage with the speaker.
– Skill development – All speaking engagements should provide students with the the knowledge of what skills are necessary to succeed in the speaker’s professional environment.

Next Steps
– Fill out I&E Engagement form – this includes questions tailored to three different areas of interest: speaking opportunities, mentorship, and internships.
– Opportunities for speaking may include:

  •  Being a featured speaker in class
  •  Leading or participating in an interactive workshop
  • Giving a keynote presentation
  • Hosting a small group discussion