David is a native of the Raleigh-Durham area. After a four-year tour in the United States Marine Corps, he attended Appalachian State University where he earned a BS in chemistry in 1999. Immediately following undergraduate studies, David matriculated in the chemistry graduate program at Duke, where his studies were mentored by Professor Eric Toone. After a six-year stint in the Toone lab studying NO donor properties of electron deficient aliphatic C-nitroso compounds, he emerged with a doctorate in synthetic and physical organic chemistry. In 2006 Dr. Gooden made the move to the McCafferty lab at Duke to undertake a project in the synthesis of mechanism-based inhibitors of the histone modifying enzyme LSD1. In 2007 David became a staff research scientist in the Duke Small Molecule Facility (SMSF). In that capacity, he completed synthesis of myriad small molecule inhibitors, agonists, antagonists, polymers, etc., for biomedical researchers within the broader Duke community.

Three years later Dr. Gooden assumed the role of SMSF operational director. Among other responsibilities, being the director of day-to-day operations requires Dr. Gooden to meet with current and potential clients to update ongoing projects and plan future projects, respectively, conduct and manage up to 10 synthetic projects, create and track client billing, and manage the inventory of unique facility compound collection. Dr. Gooden has co-authored 22 peer-reviewed journal articles, five patents and has written one book on the subject of NO chemistry.

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