Emilie Dye works in the education segment of the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, primarily with the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate program, helping students develop meaningful cross-disciplinary experiences during their time at Duke. Emilie directs students in enhancing their abilities to identify and explore global problems that matter to them, and encourages students to then develop innovative methods to tackle these problems.

Prior to joining the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, Emilie worked at the University of Memphis in the Office of Student Leadership and Involvement, spending the majority of her time with the fraternity/sorority community. During her tenure at Memphis, Emilie developed a number of individualized learning models to assist students in connecting their leadership experiences outside the classroom to their professional goals and objectives. She also served as a faculty member for a freshman seminar course, which supported students’ transition from high school to college, focusing on career development, campus resources, and major exploration. Emilie also is an Interactive Workshops Facilitator for CAMPUSPEAK, one of the premiere providers of educational speakers and workshops to college and university campuses. She leads workshops on social media and personal branding, as well as leadership development for student organizations. Emilie’s love for teaching and student advising, combined with her passion for creative thinking, is what attracted her to the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Emilie is from Greensboro, N.C. She has master’s degrees from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (M.A., Student Affairs in Higher Education) and North Carolina State University (M.A., Teaching), as well as an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland (B.A., Government and Politics).

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