Monica Wood’s (G’07) passion for healthy eating began 13 years ago when she lost 100 pounds.

She lost the weight mostly by learning to cook, she said, using quality ingredients at home instead of eating out.

But she didn’t realize that cooking and healthy eating would become important enough to her to change her career path – until she took a job at LivingSocial, which often required her to commute to Washington, D.C.

When she would call home, her kids were eating burgers, pizza, or other takeout.

“That broke my heart,” she said. “I wanted my kids to have a healthy life.”

They tried some box cooking services, but her kids were picky eaters who didn’t want to try new things, and her sitter said cooking the meals was a lot of work.

So Wood and two co-founders came up with Myxx, a platform that hopes to revolutionize grocery shopping by transforming recipes into grocery lists.

Myxx secured its first round of funding last fall and launched at the end of January 2017.

The app is free for users and allows the user to filter for dietary restrictions. There are more than 50,000 recipes to choose from, and once a user selects a recipe, he or she can select the ingredients needed from that recipe to incorporate into a grocery list.

That grocery list then turns into a guided shopping list, telling the shopper prices and which aisles to find the products in, or can be converted into a pick-up order at select grocery stores.

But soon customers won’t be limited to the recipes within the app. They will be able to input their own recipes, and the app will turn them into shareable recipes with attached grocery lists.

Wood said that Myxx is also a great solution for retailers, who need new ways to engage with customers and keep up with new competition like Amazon, but don’t have the IT budget to do it.

The company monetizes by partnering with brands. Brands can sponsor products that appear in shopping lists, although the user can always swap out for a different brand if he or she chooses.

Although Wood never imagined herself in the grocery tech space, this isn’t her first foray into startups. After earning her master’s in economics from Duke in 2007, she worked for a while in research and academics. As part of her job at Duke, she went to look at a local adtech startup to determine if it was a good job for one of their students. She ended up falling in love with the startup herself and joined the team as a statistician.

While at the company, Wood also got the opportunity to work in product management and used ad targeting to drive in-store sales.

Her co-founders at Myxx also had backgrounds in the adtech space, and together, they have developed strategies for building their startup’s foundation.

Myxx is currently active in WalMart, ShopRite and Harris Teeter, but Wood says the team has plans for nationwide growth.

To learn more about Myxx, visit its website.

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