Professor Nechyba conducts his research within the fields of public finance, fiscal federalism, and the economics of education. His studies tend toward the investigation of function within local governments, public policy issues concerning disadvantaged families, and the economics behind primary and secondary education. He received funding for one of his latest projects, An Empirical Investigation of Peer Effects in Schools and of Household Responses to School Policy Changes, from a National Science Foundation grant. He also received support from the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy for his work, Urban Sprawl; from the Spencer Foundation for his study on, The Role of Peers, Parental Choices, and Neighborhoods; from the New Zealand Ministry of Education for a study on, The Impact of Family and Community Resources on Education Outcomes; and the Hoover Institution for the study, The Implications of New Federalism. He also received monetary support from the National Academy of Sciences for his investigation of the fiscal impact of immigrants, and from the Center for Economic Policy Research for various projects concerning education and welfare policy. In addition to his individual research pursuits, Professor Nechyba is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research.

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