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Design & Entrepreneurial Action

Whatever Duke innovators create, it starts with people.

Duke Designs Differently

When it comes to creating products and processes, innovators and teams will take very different approaches. Yet by learning and practicing human-centered design, groups across Duke can approach their work through the lens of interdisciplinary collaboration and iterative co-creation, working to achieve a deep understanding of the users they’re serving. By teaching our innovators these skills, we can help them maximize their work’s impact.

Design at Duke

Open Design Studio

The Open Design Studio at Duke is a collective of educators, students, and community partners who are learning, researching, and practicing an equity-focused design methodology. ODS is openly designing a world that is actively inclusive, transparent, and collaborative.
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Pratt School of Engineering

In Pratt’s First-Year Design program, students are engaged in authentic, hands-on, project-based design courses, working to build prototypes to solve a community-based need or problem.
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Duke Law

“Duke Law By Design” sees students, staff, and faculty engaged in human-centered design processes with stakeholders, service professionals, and partner organizations from the community, helping to change law for the better by examining topics such as access to justice, improving forensic reports, eviction procedures, and more.
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Design Health

Design Health teams students from engineering, arts and sciences, business, medicine, nursing, and law to identify unmet, underserved, and unarticulated needs in healthcare—and then design real-world solutions.
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Ormond Center

Supported by the Duke Divinity School, the Ormond Center’s studios are multidisciplinary and cross-sector contexts where research engages with practice, ideas are generated and tested, and resources are crafted for better practice.
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Duke Design in Action



At Duke we believe our community can change the world through entrepreneurial action, the ability to realize innovation and effect change. Entrepreneurial action is for everyone: students, faculty, staff, and alumni across all disciplines and industries.

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Ethics & Entrepreneurial Action

Teaching character, values, principles, goals, and consequences to help tomorrow's leaders become skilled and thoughtful agents of change

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Social Impact

As a leader in the fields of social innovation and social entrepreneurship, Duke connects future change-makers across schools and disciplines to the resources, mentorship, and community they need to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. 

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Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators brings together interdisciplinary graduate student teams that provide pro bono consulting services to social organizations in Durham and beyond, providing students with opportunities to gain collaborative experience while strengthening the work of change makers in technology, business, and public policy

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Design for America

Equips students with design thinking and innovation to tackle social challenges on campus and beyond

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Duke Innovation Co-Lab

Connects the Duke community with technology resources, program, and facilities

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