As a student at one of the world’s leading research and liberal arts universities, you have access to incredible resources—including your fellow students. You and your peers are working on exciting projects, tackling the world’s pressing problems, and developing skills that make you vital teammates.

Using the Duke Student Startup Directory, you can connect with like-minded fellow students—whether to find a team to work on your startup, or to join someone else’s project or venture.

Check out screenshots below to help guide your directory browsing.

How to Use the Directory

To Log In

Sign in to Airtable using single sign-on (SSO) at the bottom of the login page with your Duke NetID. If you have a personal Airtable account, you’ll need to sign out of that account first.

Image of login page with SSO circled

To Navigate Within the Directory

Use the expander icon to the left of each student’s Duke NetID to see more information about them.

Use the Filter in the top row to show students with specific skills or areas of interest. Use the Group and Sort functions in the top row to group and sort by any field, and use the Search icon in the upper right to search on any field.

Image of directory with navigation features circled