Non-Dilutive Funding to Advance Your Venture

Need funding to take your venture to the next level? Duke I&E accepts applications year-round from current students for non-dilutive awards of $100-$2,500, depending on your needs and goals.  

Awards can be used to fund activities and expenditures including: 

  • Product development and prototyping 

  • Software and software development 

  • Technology and equipment/hardware 

  • Operational expenses or professional services 

  • Market research, marketing, and sales 

  • Industry events, conferences, or other travel 

  • Training and skill development 

  • Miscellaneous supplies 

  • Hiring 

Please note that student funding is taxed and reportable income for all students and may be withheld in advance for some, depending on visa status. 


All current Duke students are eligible for startup funding. 

How to Apply 

Applications will pause on April 12, 2024 and re-open in the fall semester.

Complete the online application to share how you will use the requested funds and how the funds will drive critical learning and/or forward progress for your venture. We will review applications weekly in the order they are received; a Duke I&E staff member will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your proposal. 

Questions? Contact Solomon Valentine, Duke I&E Senior Program Coordinator.