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Duke Students Work to Emphasize Ethics in Pre-Health Space

Duke Medical Ethics Journal Co-Presidents Sibani Ram (top) & Priya Meesa

Sibani Ram ’23 and Priya Meesa ’23 are on a mission to innovate in the undergraduate pre-health space by helping more pre-health students view their future careers through an ethical lens. Ram and Meesa are co-presidents of the Duke Medical Ethics Journal (DMEJ), launched in 2019 by a team of students who recognized the importance of ethics education in pre-med curriculum—and its absence in the required courses they were taking.

“We want to spark conversation at Duke and beyond about how medical practitioners make decisions,” Ram said. “We believe in the transformative power of medical ethics—the power to transform ourselves, and the power to transform the structures through which people experience healthcare.”

Past issues have centered around themes including patient power and the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis; the Spring 2021 issue addresses identity in healthcare, ranging from narrative medicine to supporting children with disabilities. “DMEJ is innovative in that it looks beyond the main focus of medicine, the treatment of patients, and investigates the ethical questions posed by healthcare. DMEJ gives neglected voices a platform and offers a new lens for readers to view pressing health issues through,” Meesa said. 

Duke Medical Ethics Journal

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