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Duke in Chicago is a six-week, two-course-credit program in Chicago for undergraduate entrepreneurs who love the arts and for artists who want to become entrepreneurial. Through meetings, internships, mentorships, and site visits with prominent individuals in arts-related fields, students will gain valuable knowledge of how arts entrepreneurs have shaped the development of Chicago’s unique theater, music, dance, visual arts, and comedy scene.

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THEATRST 316SA stARTup Project

This project based class challenges teams of writers, actors, dancers, visual/media artists, musicians, and managers–through collective brainstorming–to devise, workshop, and produce an arts-based event. Students will master the elevator pitch, conduct production meetings, develop fundraising and marketing strategies, devise a publicity/marketing scheme, manage a budget, rehearse and present the work at the end of the term.

THEATRST 217SA The Economics of Art (The Chicago Scene)

This guest speaker course introduces students to Chicago and connects them with prominent arts professionals, including Duke alumnae and potential mentors, who will speak about their own experience combining arts and entrepreneurship in such fields as theater, visual/media arts and advertising, film, music, dance, marketing and communications, writing, producing, performance, design, directing, and comedy. Class includes an internship in arts administration, marketing, or development; or a performance/writing class; and participation in Duke Global Entrepreneurship Networking events.

Arts and Entrepreneurship in Chicago

Duke in Chicago 2014 Program Blog

Check out this article in the Duke Chronicle about the Duke in Chicago program!

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