Program-Specific Tracks


To complete the I&E Certificate, Masters of Engineering Management students take two electives, and a Narrative Design Seminar. Masters of Engineering Management students are exempt from I&E 800 Business and Organizational Fundamentals. Students must complete all courses by the time they graduate from their Masters program. 


Students may choose up to two electives from the following list of EGRMGMT courses, or substitute one or two courses from the Elective list on the Current Students page

EGRMGMT 512 Product Management in High Tech Companies
EGRMGMT 513 Product Development
EGRMGMT 556 Duke MEM Consulting Practicum Program
EGRMGMT 572 Innovation Management in Technology-based Organizations
EGRMGMT 574 Commercializing Technology Innovations: Turning Visions into Value 
EGRMGMT 576 Design Thinking and Innovation
EGRMGMT 578 Designing Customer Experiences 
EGRMGMT 579 Using Real Time Data to Improve Customer Experience
EGRMGMT 590 Managing Product Design 


This course is normally offered:
•    Spring Semester (1 credit)
•    Graduate Summer Academy (non-credit bearing)

The Narrative Design seminar complements the Certificate coursework by helping students learn to communicate why others should value their ideas and innovations. Students will focus on common principles of storytelling, as well as concepts from theorists to develop appreciation of narrative’s role and structure to facilitate understanding and incite action. Students will then work in small groups to workshop presentations to prepare for an end-of-semester group pitch event in which each student presents to the audience.

*I&E 745 is required for all I&E Graduate Certificate students, except those who take BIOETHIC 702 Communication for Scientists.