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Undergraduate Current Students

Orientation Presentations

Experience Resources

  • Experience Proposal Form: If you have completed, or are planning to complete an experience, fill out this form for approval. You will receive a confirmation email once your experience is approved.
  • Experience Opportunities Site: This is a resource for those looking for a 150 hour and/or 300 hour experiences, as well as other jobs and opportunities. Duke I&E does not necessarily endorse these opportunities. Students are expected to perform their own due diligence on each opportunity to determine its legitimacy and fit.


The portfolio requirement is a digital collection of work and reflections that together showcase students’ learning experiences and accomplishments. It serves two purposes:

  • Career advancement – complements a resume and provides students with an externally-facing showcase of their skills and experience
  • Reflective Learning—facilitates transformational learning, prompting students to connect their learning to their core values, future goals and personal identities.

Students have two options for completing the portfolio requirement for the certificate. The goal is to provide students with flexibility to create something that will fit their individual needs while encouraging reflection of their time in the I&E Certificate, time at Duke, and goals after graduation.

Option 1: Digital Portfolio

  • This option requires students to create a document which they can model after this example:
  • The purpose of creating this document is to focus on core learning reflections and experiences

Option 2: Personal Website

  • Personal Website Example
  • There should be a page for each course and experience, but the format is entirely up to each individual student. We love to see creativity!
    • Students can use this site as a template for what is required. The above links include questions to guide the reflection process
    • We encourage students to include additional pages for other projects and courses they complete outside of the I&E Certificate
  • Students are welcome to use their own broader personal website to fulfill this requirement, as long as it includes an additional section for I&E
  • Students who create personal websites that exceed expectations:
    • Your website will be distributed via the I&E newsletter and on the I&E website for alumni, faculty, staff and students to view
    • You will be invited to breakfast or lunch with I&E faculty staff (as Duke policies permit)
    • You will receive recognition at I&E Certificate graduation event

When you are ready to submit your portfolio to receive a capstone permission number, you can do so here.

Course Exception Petition

Students are able to propose a non-approved course to satisfy a certificate requirement. The proposed course should relate to innovation and/or entrepreneurship and your learning goals for the I&E certificate. 

  • Course Proposal forms will be reviewed within a week of receipt.  Students will need to include course syllabus for submission. 
  • If you are studying abroad and would like to submit a course exception you will need to initiate the approval process through the Global Education office.

Capstone Registration

Students register for the Capstone as their final requirement for the I&E Undergraduate Certificate. All other requirements must be completed before Capstone registration can happen, no exceptions.

  • In order to be eligible for the capstone the following requirements must be completed, submitted, and approved. 
    • Courses: Gateway Elective, I&E 352 – Strategies for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (Keystone) and Additional Elective.
      • Electives will be different for every student.
    • 150 hr experience proposal approved and the experience fully complete before the start of the Capstone.
    • 300 hr experience proposal approved and the experience fully complete before the start of the Capstone.
    • Your portfolio needs to be up-to-date, submitted, and approved. Approval by I&E staff can take as long as five working days. 
  • Permission numbers for the Capstone are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. While we can guarantee you enrollment in a capstone, we cannot guarantee a specific section. If there is a particular section you want to register for, make sure to complete your requirements (listed above) and request a permission number as soon as possible. 
  • The deadline to request a permission number is the first day of classes.

Declare the Certificate

When you declare your major, be sure to also declare the Certificate. If you have already declared your major, be sure to add the Certificate to your academic plan.

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