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Find Your Innovation and Entrepreneurship People

Duke’s undergraduate, graduate, and professional students are passionate and driven—you lead and belong to an ever-growing number of clubs and organizations to further your interests. When it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship, that can look like anything from Business Oriented Women to Ethical Tech.

Explore some of Duke’s many innovation- and entrepreneurship-related clubs below. To get up-to-date information about current events and opportunities, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our social media accounts.


Audacity Labs

Audacity Labs is an innovation incubator and co-working space for teens, where teams of student entrepreneurs work together to conceive, develop, and launch new ventures. We offer space, connections, and a structured program of content and coaching, integrating a core set of skills: lean start-up, design thinking, and coding.

Read more about audacity labs

Business Oriented Women

Seeks to empower business-oriented female students by promoting education, experience, and exchange between interested students and outstanding industry professionals

Read more about business oriented women

Campus Enterprises

A student-run company with subsidiary businesses including event services and a startup incubator; members join in their first year as shareholders and gain full operational control of a division

Read more about campus enterprises

The Cube

An entrepreneurial co-ed selective living group that aims to lower the barriers of entry to entrepreneurship and provides members with the skills and resources to pursue their own ventures

Read more about the cube


Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators brings together interdisciplinary graduate student teams that provide pro bono consulting services to social organizations in Durham and beyond, providing students with opportunities to gain collaborative experience while strengthening the work of change makers in technology, business, and public policy

Read more about disi

Duke Impact Investing Group

Duke undergraduates seek to make impact investing opportunities more accessible to startups and businesses throughout the Triangle, providing pro-bono consulting to socially-minded businesses and spreading awareness about social entrepreneurship and impact investing.

Read more about duke impact investing group

Duke Innovation Co-Lab

Connects the Duke community with technology resources, program, and facilities

Read more about duke innovation co-lab

Co-Lab Project Discover

A tool to find potential teammates by skill set (design, marketing, backend development)and a platform for students to look at existing projects and connect with the project owner

Read more about co-lab project discover

Design for America

Equips students with design thinking and innovation to tackle social challenges on campus and beyond

Read more about design for america

Duke eNable

A student-run organization that aims to connect amputees in the Durham area with 3D printed adaptive devices, free of cost

Read more about duke enable

Ethical Tech

A nonpartisan initiative at Duke University focusing on research, education, and policy development across all industries and socioeconomic groups

Read more about ethical tech

Global Social Innovation Challenge

A social venture pitch competition that recognizes, resources, and rewards student-led social ventures focused on sustainable change

Read more about global social innovation challenge

Hack Duke

A coding for social good hackathon where students unite for a 24-hour sprint to create meaningful hacks

Read more about hack duke

I&E Fest

A welcome-to-campus party, open to the entire Duke community that showcases the many innovation and entrepreneurship programs, clubs, and opportunities across the university

Read more about i&e fest

Net Impact Club

The local Net Impact chapter aims to provide resources, foster relationships, and expand opportunities for students interested in building careers in the impact sector

Read more about net impact club

Smart Home

Operated by the Pratt School of Engineering, a 6,000 square foot student living and research space that houses the Smart Home Club and serves as a community resource for sustainable building techniques

Read more about smart home
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