I&E Academy Fall 2017

I&E Academy 2017

Learning to Fail: How to be a Successful Loser

Thursday, September 7, 2017

5:30 p.m., Rubenstein 249 (Perkins Library)

Facilitator: Aaron Dinin, Ph.D
Co-founder of RocketBolt
Instructor, Duke I&E
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As a student, you’ve been taught to fear failure. In fact, you’ve probably spent your academic life working hard to avoid it. But failing isn’t the opposite of learning. Instead, when approached properly, our failures provide alternative lessons, many of which are more productive than what we learn by being successful.

In this I&E Academy session, we’re going to re-contextualize failure. By doing so, we’re going explore ways of using our failures as educational opportunities that can help us reach our goals.

Social Entrepreneurship 101: Crafting Innovative, Sustainable Solutions to the World’s Most Pressing Problems

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

6:30 p.m., Bio Sciences 113

Facilitator: Matt Nash
Managing Director, Duke I&E Social Entrepreneurship
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Want to change the world? Interested in learning more about social entrepreneurship? Do you have an innovative solution that you wish to develop, or are you interested in working with others who do? Join us for an interactive workshop exploring the meaning of social entrepreneurship, drawing upon many examples of leading social entrepreneurs around the world. Learn the basics of designing your own social venture focused on social or environmental issues you care about, and discover programs and resources at Duke and that can help!

Introduction to Human-Centered Design for Social Impact

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6 p.m., Gross Hall 270

Facilitator: Matt Nash
Managing Director, Duke I&E Social Entrepreneurship
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So you think you have a solution, but does it truly address the underlying problem? Will those affected actually value and support the solution? Across the country and in the developing world, communities are littered with the best intentions of well-meaning leaders, NGOs, philanthropists, and aspiring social entrepreneurs, whose attempts to solve critical social and environmental problems fall short of their mark, from broken water pumps to clinics filled with unusable medical equipment. How can we draw upon powerful principles of design thinking to come alongside key stakeholders to co-create desirable, feasible, and viable solutions to the world most pressing problems? Join us for an introduction to the principles and methods of “human-centered design” as we consider how to develop context-appropriate solutions informed by user needs and aligned to the circumstances of the broader ecosystems in which they will operate. You’ll leave with some tips and tools to ensure that your next “bright idea” is actually worth the energy!

Venture Capital Fundraising: Understanding Your Audience

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

5:30 p.m., Gross Hall 270

Facilitator: John Glushik
Managing Director, Duke Angel Network
General Partner, Intersouth Partners
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Fundraising from venture capital firms can be a long, hard journey. It starts with understanding the perspective of a venture capitalist. This session will describe how a venture capital fund is structured and what drives the venture investment decision-making process. Regardless of the stage of your venture, a better understanding of your investor audience will inform your fundraising strategy and your design of pitch materials.