Experiential entrepreneurship education for graduate and professional students

Through the Innovate Duke family of courses, aspiring innovators, entrepreneurs, and founders can work on an idea at any stage in the innovation life cycle. These offerings complement students’ areas of study and support a wide range of career goals.

Duke in Silicon Valley

Shape Your Future

Complement your area of study and gain skills to support your future career, whether you’re interested in starting a company, commercializing a technology, owning a practice, or simply standing out in an industry job.

Get All Duke Has to Offer

Interdisciplinary courses let you benefit from diverse teammates’ and faculty’s backgrounds in engineering, business, medicine, and beyond. As both a top-tier research institution and a premiere liberal arts school, Duke has resources for any project.

Tailor Your Experience

Work on your own project, or one you’re interested in. (Get in touch to discuss available projects.) Stay with the same project from discovery to delivery, or work on any project at any stage. Projects in all stages are offered throughout the year.

Work on a Project at Any Stage

Identify a problem worth solving.

Through research, exploration, and discovery, students learn to set aside preconceptions and do the critical work of collecting data about a market and assessing that data objectively.

Ex 1: A second-year Fuqua MBA student with a consulting job awaiting her after graduation wants “intrapreneurial” skills to stand out in her future career.

Ex 2: A business-oriented Pratt master’s student wants to cultivate creative problem solving and entrepreneurial skills to complement an industry career.

Ex 3: A third-year medical school student with an entrepreneurial mindset may wish to someday own her own practice or commercialize a technology.

Work with a team to move from idea to impact.

Multidisciplinary teams of students develop the core elements of a strategy for bringing a technology or business idea to market.

Ex 1: A public policy master’s student joins a team blueprinting a social impact innovation generated by a Fuqua student. The team also includes an engineering student and a computer science student.

Ex 2: Nicholas School students work with law school students to solve a problem for a community partner.

Ex 3: A biology Ph.D. student joins a team to work on technology developed in a Duke research lab.

Work with a team to bring an innovation to the world.

Teams who have identified their target markets and developed comprehensive strategies will work to develop and implement full operating plans for their ventures.

Ex 1: Having tested and developed their idea, Pratt master’s students work on bringing a consumer product to market. A Fuqua student joins the team to build and implement the business plan.

Ex 2: A team comprised of biomedical engineering Ph.D. students and Fuqua students work to commercialize an innovation they validated in Design for Health.

Ex 3: Engineering, computer science, and Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science students continue working with the Office of Licensing and Ventures on a Duke research lab technology innovation, having tested the innovation in New Ventures Clinic: Technology.

Implement a project strategy in an intensive communal environment.

Selected applicant teams live in Durham for the summer and receive stipends to support living expenses as they continue working on their projects. Access is provided to co-working space, mentorship, community-building activities, and the opportunity for additional investment pending progress made.


General inquiries – InnovateDuke@duke.edu

Fuqua School of Business – Stephen Fusi

School of Medicine – Sherry Burton

Duke Law – Kelli Raker

Pratt School of Engineering – Tanya Fritz

If you are at a school without an entrepreneurship program, please contact your primary academic coordinator to determine how Innovate Duke coursework can work with your degree program’s requirements.