Innovation to Impact (I2I)

Innovation to Impact (I2I) provides aspiring entrepreneurial teams at Duke with hands-on support and guidance to evaluate, validate, and launch their ventures.

Successful applicants will receive access to a comprehensive suite of resources and services, including:

  •  Access to dedicated office space for meetings and general company building activities as well as membership in a community of like-minded university-based entrepreneurs.
  • A reserved spot in a two-week innovator’s boot camp to learn the basics of the customer discovery process and business model generation.
  • A professional, third-party report assessing the patent potential of your technology and an assessment of the market and competition.
  • Referrals to alumni and friends of the university with deep industry expertise, to help validate business model assumptions on regulations, competitive dynamics, and unmet needs in the market.
  • Regular feedback from an experienced team of entrepreneur mentors to assist in refining the business model, identify a leadership team, and refine investor pitch.
  • Participants in the program will learn what it takes to construct a convincing story for their new venture – in a language and format have a fuller understanding of the key activities that their team will need to tackle to be “investor ready.”

For more information on our program, please contact Judd Staples and

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