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Local Resources for Entrepreneurs

Duke I&E’s home in downtown Durham centers us in a historic, vibrant, and rapidly growing entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition to partnering with other universities in the area, we connect our community to organizations doing vital work for area entrepreneurs.


Council for Entrepreneurial Development

Formed in 1984 to nurture entrepreneurial companies in North Carolina, CED acts as a connective center that provides high-touch support, education, access to capital, and crucial connections.

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NC IDEA aims to maximize the economic potential of the people of North Carolina by supporting the formation and fruition of high-growth entrepreneurial endeavors in the state.

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Triangle Venture Alliance

This network of alumni angel groups from Duke University, the University of North Carolina, NC State University, and North Carolina Central University was created to fund start-ups founded by alumni, students, staff, faculty, and families, giving groundbreaking ideas and innovations their best chance at success.

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First Flight Venture Center

Supports the development of innovative technologies and economic growth by providing early stage businesses with affordable laboratory and office space, management guidance and counseling, as well as shared business and technology support services.

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NC Biotechnology Center

Accelerates life science technology-based economic development through innovation, commercialization, education, and business growth.

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Osage Partners

A family of venture capital funds that includes Osage Venture Partners and Osage University Partners; each fund has a dedicated professional staff and a distinct investment strategy.

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American Underground

A Google for Startups Tech Hub, AU connects Triangle-area startups to resources, thought leaders, talent, media, and support systems

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BioLabs North Carolina

Co-working spaces for life science startups where you can test, develop, and grow your ideas

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