Fuqua students have many opportunities to learn entrepreneurship by doing, and to practice innovation. While some students are ready now to launch a new venture, the majority of students will use their entrepreneurial mindset delivering innovation at existing firms, or evaluating and financing entrepreneurs. Still other students seek to buy an existing business and grow it. I&E has prepared summaries of recommended courses, co-curricular activities, and communities students may join, all tailored to this variety of career interests.

For students who have identified an opportunity and seek to start and grow their own venture, I&E provides curriculum and programs to help you move from idea to launch. For students who are interested in working on an early-stage idea or at an early-stage startup, there are ample I&E courses and activities that will help you hone your skills and begin immediately contributing to the success of the venture. From finding an opportunity to building and testing a beta product to launching and building a team, there’s ample opportunity to learn through hands-on experiences.

For students who want to be in a business development role, a product manager role, or a general manager role and drive growth through innovation and new product creation at an existing firm, I&E’s Corporate Innovation programming can help you hone the skills you will need to excel as an innovator inside a larger organization. Provided below is a list of courses and activities that are particularly relevant for a career driving corporate innovation; however, individuals should leverage the flexibly of the curriculum to craft the mix of courses and experiences that best complement and expand their existing skillset to catapult them toward their personal career objectives.

For students who desire to contribute to a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, but may not have their own ideas they want to pursue, I&E provides opportunities to engage in the growth of small- and middle-market ventures through. Multiple avenues exist to flex your entrepreneurial muscles alongside your general management acumen, including entrepreneurship through acquisition and joining a middle-market firm poised for growth. I&E offers programming and connections to help you navigate your chosen path.

Capital is the life’s blood of a growing firm, but it’s important to match the right type of capital to the structure and potential of the business. Through curriculum and experiential programming, I&E supports you in critically analyzing new business opportunities and crafting the right funding structures to provide the capital needed to scale. From students looking to move into the venture capital space to those that want to work in investment banking, these curricular and co-curricular offerings are design to prepare you to effectively place capital in new innovations.

For students who want to join an early-stage startup and contribute to the success of scaling a nascent organization.