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Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs - Spring 2023 Student Ventures

Meet the current cohort of Melissa & Doug entrepreneurs working to build their ventures.

Michelle Addison

Allergood is a B2B software solution bringing transparency to food allergen information through interactive digital allergen menus. Restaurants are losing $45M per week ($2B per year!) by failing to
properly serve food allergen consumers. Thankfully, Allergood empowers restaurants with the tools they need to boost revenue, speed up service, build a loyal customer base, and reduce liability.

John Antonelli

Real is a social sports-data platform. I am the co-founder working on marketing, member acquisition, and community development. Real serves data for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and NCAA Men’s basketball. Towards the end of the 2022 NBA Finals, we surpassed 113,000+ monthly active members spending 6 minutes a day on average.

One Chowdhury

Clear Hub is a secured and connected project management hub that streamlines, and coordinates work. Clear Hub’s goal is to bring transparency across teams by keeping all your updates, documentation, and people together. Clear Hub creates a central source of information for remote teams, so project information isn’t scattered across multiple documents or separate tools and can be accessed in real-time.

Gina El Kattan

Nuba is a ready-to-drink hibiscus and other authentic drinks from the Middle East. They support small-scale farmers in Southern Egypt. They’re Canada based and can be found at Whole Foods, Loblaws, and other major chains. Nuba has 3 product lines. They are the only company making these drinks in North America.

Valencia Hochberg

Zoom Across Borders is a website and program that pairs students learning a second language with students who speak that language fluently for weekly one-on-one conversations via Zoom or the
platform of their choice. The language of conversation switches week to week so that both students have the opportunity to practice the language they are learning and then help their partner achieve second-language fluency.

Will Tenpas

audiown is democratizing the music industry for artists and fans. audiown allows musicians to raise money by selling equity of their project directly to fans. Fan shareholders get a piece of the album or song, and artists get money up front and fans that are tied to their success.

Snehal Verma

NatureDots is an early-stage HardTech startup, tackling the ‘super-wicked’ problem of deteriorating water resources and climatechange-induced impacts in India. Our idea is to create a ‘Digital Twin’ of critical ecosystems and upscale Nature-based solutions for building climate-resilient communities while conserving the natural resource assets.

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