3 Updates from Social Entrepreneurship (2 February 2016)

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Southern Education Leadership Initiative 2016 Summer Fellowship

Applications due March 1
Since 2004, over 185 students have participated in this leadership development opportunity. If you are a student interested in excellence in education, community service and engagement, public policy, and philanthropy and fairness in opportunity allocation. SEF’s website, and the attachments hereto provide additional information about the summer fellowship and its application and eligibility requirements.

SELI was developed over ten years ago to mark the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, the decision that broke the spine of legalized segregation in public education. The belief was there still remains work in fulfilling the promise of Brown and in ensuring that all children, irrespective of race, class, gender or national origin, receive an excellent education. A new generation of thinkers and leaders with big ideas and hearts was needed to carry on Brown’s work, and must be given opportunities where they can grow academically and professionally.

SELI Fellows Receive:
Experience: an opportunity to work for eight weeks (May 30- July 22, 2016) in an organization concerned with equity and excellence in education;
Stipend: a living expense stipend of $4,500 (for undergraduate juniors or graduating seniors) or $5,000 (for graduate students who will have completed at least one term by June 1, 2016);
Travel: all airfare/car mileage expenses associated with traveling to and from SEF trainings to summer placement site (assistance also provided by SEF in making travel arrangements)
Orientation: (May 25-27, 2016): training that exposes students to research in the field, stresses the importance of civic engagement, teaches strategies for making change, and provides opportunities to meet and learn from inspiring leaders involved in education policy and practice (attendance required);
Fellowship Placement: guidance and supervision provided by seasoned sector leaders to work on challenging research, education policy, and nonprofit program related projects-placements change annually and are made based on student’s interests and regional needs for students; and
Closing Meeting: the opportunity to present their work to their peers, reflect, brainstorm how to take lessons learned from this experience back to their communities, and become part of a network of emerging leaders in the sector (attendance required).

Questions? Vanessa E. Meyer | Program Director, Office of the President
Southern Education Foundation
Office: (404) 991.6762 Cell: (404) 372.0078
Fax: (404) 523.6904

Attention all Media Junkies and Social Change Agents!

FlyerJoin us for an exciting two day workshop with IMPACT MEDIA PARTNERS
Please RSVP here.
Join us for two workshops where we examine the links between media and real-world social change. We will also brainstorm ways to make sure YOUR voice has impact. This two evening workshop will be run by visiting media professionals that create social change through film and television.

Workshop 1 — Monday, February 8th, 6:30pm- 8:00pm
Using a good story + a good strategy to change the world — building a Community Engagement Campaign

  • Review the media and impact landscape: film, television, social media, journalism, branding, etc.
  • How media partnerships can move social change forward
  • Establishing SMART goals
  • Tactics of engagement
  • Examples of social change success in film and television

Workshop 2 — Tuesday, February 9th, 6:30pm- 8:00pm
Designed to build on the concepts covered in Workshop 1, in Workshop 2, we will build a campaign– based on your ideas!

  • Have a project, organization, or client that could benefit from a community engagement campaign? A select number of case studies will be selected from the audience, and we will build the campaign together.
  • Workshop collaboration is encouraged by anyone that wants to learn more about how to develop a bridge between the public and private sectors, media makers, and change agents.

“What’s Your Problem? Identifying Needs & Defining Problems for Social Innovation”

Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Academy Workshop

Wednesday, February 3, 2016
5:00-6:30 p.m., (6:00-6:30 p.m. optional, to be focused on global health innovation)
Gross Hall 270


Matt Nash
Managing Director, Social Entrepreneurship
Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (I&E)

Erica Levine
Programs Director
Duke Global Digital Health Science Center

RSVP here

Social entrepreneurs seeking to develop innovative, sustainable solutions in areas such as health, poverty, education, environmental sustainability, human rights, etc., often discover that these domains are full of “wicked problems”—seemingly unsolvable, intractable challenges with multiple, often systemic causes, and interwoven, exacerbating effects on several stakeholder groups. In this session, we will discuss and apply analytical tools and methods of human-centered design for problem discovery and analysis to help social entrepreneurs and the communities with whom they engage to diagnose and frame a problem with precision and clarity, and in such a way that the root causes of the problem, not just its symptoms, will be addressed. Optional final 30 minutes to include focus on global health innovation, in collaboration with the Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator at Duke (SEAD).

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