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ArtCon Creativity Summit Explores Arts Culture on Campus

Published: 4 years ago | 0 comments

In March, Duke hosted its first student-run arts and creativity summit, known as ArtCon. Named after the annual comic festival ComicCon, this two-day event celebrated the arts culture on the Duke University campus and in the surrounding Durham community.

Designed to create connections among local artists and their supporters, as well as enhance communications around the arts, ArtCon focused on building a vision around the arts while engaging members of the arts community and launching numerous artistic projects.

The weekend kicked-off with an alumni-led workshop for students that focused on non-traditional careers, including film/television, fashion, sports, marketing/advertising, and graphic design. Alumni working for ESPN, Fleishman-Hilliard, Ketchum, Buzzfeed Life, McKinney, Saturday Night Live!, and other industry-leading companies participated.

The event also featured artistic brain-storming sessions that looked at how to expand the arts culture at the University. Students, alumni, faculty, advisors, administrators, and local artists led these sessions.

Student art works and performances, Crazies for the Arts at Duke, music, and food were also part of the weekend.

Watch the ArtCon video here.

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