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CGIU 2017: Student Reflection

Published: 3 years ago | 0 comments

By Denali Dahl

Being a part of CGIU 2017 was a whirlwind of meeting passionate; inspiring people dedicated to turning their ideas for social change into action and listening to highly renowned people share their thoughts on an optimistic future.

What truly sets CGIU apart from other conferences is the Day of Service, where students have the opportunity to start taking action right then and there, and giveback to the local community that hosted CGIU. One of my favorite moments was introducing myself to Chelsea Clinton over a box of bananas during a community service project at Inner City Sanctuary for the Arts in Boston. We were packaging ‘Blessing Bags’ full of fruit and hygiene supplies for people who are homeless. What struck me about working alongside Chelsea during this event was how normal it seemed; She walked in just like all of the students, introduced herself, and began talking to everyone about their commitments to action while bagging fruit. This moment of human connectedness exemplified the idea that whoever you are, wherever you are in life you can make a difference – and at this moment we were just a group of people working to have a small, positive impact in the Boston community.

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