D-Prize: Calling the World's Boldest Entrepreneurs!

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The world has solutions to poverty. Can you distribute them to those in need?

Our world has already invented many effective poverty solutions, but sadly most fail to reach actual people in need. Millions of lives would improve if people had access to proven energy, education, health, and other interventions. Can you start a new social enterprise and solve this problem?

D-Prize is a call to the world’s boldest entrepreneurs.

Can you design a new social enterprise and solve one of the distribution challenges below? If selected, we will award you up to $20,000 to launch a pilot in Africa, India, or another other developing region. D-Prize will award 5-15 social entrepreneurs funding. If your pilot is successful, we will help you find future funding and grow to impact millions.

Explore the challenges (Girls Education, Energy, Education, Global Health, Governance & Infrastructure, Other):

FIRST ROUND – Submit a resume and two-page concept note by Aug 26 (early deadline), Sept 7 (regular deadline), or Sept 21 (limited extension). Early submissions encouraged.

Review the rest of the competition details:

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