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Haven’t gotten a chance to take the seven-week online Course for Human-Centered Design yet? We’ve got good news for you—the next round begins on February 9, 2015!

For two years now, has partnered with Acumen to offer a course for those interested in learning about and practicing human-centered design. Join the over 41,000 individuals from 148 countries that have already embarked on their learning experience, and become part of a flourishing community of innovative problem solvers.

Check out the details below or visit the course page for additional information. Remember, class begins on February 9th, so register today!

How does the course work? This course is designed with a group-guided learning structure. This means that in order to participate, you’ll need to form a team of between two and six people. Once you have your team, you’ll meet each week to learn the human-centered design process via reading and workshop materials that we’ve created for you. Along the way, you’ll also tackle a social sector design challenge in your own community.

How much does the course cost? The Course for Human-Centered Design is free!

When does the course start and how long does it last? The course begins on February 9, 2015 and is designed to be conducted over a minimum of seven weeks. However, you can also choose to do the course over a longer period of time if a different pace is right for your team.

Do I have to take the course as a group? Yes, we strongly suggest completing course materials as a group rather than individually. After all, human-centered design is all about collaboration! Additionally, we recommend finding a group that you can meet with in-person. If you’re unsure of who will be in your group—don’t worry! You can peruse our online learning platform to connect with others in your location.

Do I need to be a designer to sign-up for the course? This is an entry level course and does NOT require any prior design experience.

What if I’ve taken the course already? Human-centered design is all about practice, practice, practice! We encourage you to join us again in honing your human-centered design skills. Through coordination with’s Amplify program and through the option of tackling your own design challenge, your solution has the potential to have real impact in the world.

Who else is taking the course? You’ll join teams from around the world taking this course as part of the leadership classes offered by Acumen. Last year, many participants found it valuable to take the course with coworkers and explore how human-centered design can add new perspectives to their work—whether it be applied to nonprofits, social enterprises, educational institutions, or international aid organizations. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to share learnings, ask questions, and get to know other course participants from around the world via an online community hosted on NovoEd.

Interested in signing up? Register by February 9th at:

More human-centered design? Sign up on Design Kit and join our 65,000+ community of practicing human-centered designers!

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