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Duke Alumni Mingle At DukeGEN Networking Event

Published: 3 years ago | 0 comments

Duke alumni interested in entrepreneurship gathered at the Bullpen Wednesday evening for the 26th DukeGEN Multi-City Networking Event.

DukeGEN, or Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network, connects like-minded alumni to discuss startups, job opportunities and innovation and entrepreneurship.

Wednesday’s networking event at Durham was held at the Bullpen, which is home to the Duke I&E offices, and was hosted by Howie Rhee (B’04), managing director of student and alumni affairs for Duke I&E.

The event not only provided an opportunity for networking, but also featured a handful of pitches as alumni and current students shared updates from their startups.

The five companies that pitched were:

• Karpe Lotion, co-founded by Kasper Kubica (T’16) – An antiperspirant hand lotion to prevent sweaty hands.
• Ungraded Produce, co-founded by Courtney Bell (T’16) – Winners of the 2017 Duke Startup Challenge, Ungraded Produce sources ugly and surplus produce for low-cost, high-quality subscription-based produce boxes.
• LivingLAB, co-founded by Mitchell Gorecki (E’13, B’18) – An app that creates and manages co-living contracts among roommates for rental properties.
• Blink, co-founded by Trinity first-year student Bolun Li – A service that partners with banks to allow adolescents to have debit cards and learn financial literacy while parents monitor spending and set boundaries.

DukeGEN events were also held Wednesday evening in the following cities: Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Moscow, Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

DukeGEN Networking Events occur three times a year and are voluntarily organized by Duke alumni, for Duke alumni, students, faculty and staff. Since 2008, DukeGEN has held over 300 networking events with a cumulative total of more than 15,000 Duke attendees.

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