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Duke University Innovation Fellows Reflection

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by Team Members: Winny Arindrani, Zoe De Bruycker, Griffin Mueller, Justin Tang

I’m incredibly proud of the resources that Duke University has invested in the innovation and entrepreneurship space. Prospective students who want a comprehensive overview of all the amazing Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship offerings, should check out this interactive map. The map lists all the resources that Duke provides to innovators, it shows the key professors, classes, academic certificates, funding opportunities, startup incubators, experiential learning programs, makerspaces, hackathons, exchange programs, selective living arrangements for entrepreneurs, mentorship program (and much more!) that Duke has to offer. The best part is that whether you’re a budding entrepreneur with a business idea that you want to nurture, an engineer interested in finding space to build and invent, an expert who wants to collaborate with teams from multi-disciplinary backgrounds to create and launch industry specific products, or a new engager who is interested in learning more about innovation and entrepreneurship by taking an introductory course, Duke has space for you! I included a list below of some key resources that experts, entrepreneurs, engineers, and new engagers might be interested in, so that folks can hit the ground running on day one.

Many innovators and entrepreneurs have an interest in recruiting for a role in the tech industry. When I was a prospective student, Duke was at the top of my list, because I knew that tech recruiters sought out Duke students for coveted roles in Silicon Valley, and that year over year, Duke’s recruiting statistics have shown that we place incredibly well in the tech space. What I did not realize was just how many different resources Duke offers to students interested in learning more about innovation and entrepreneurship. Duke offers students an un-paralleled opportunity to develop their ability to think in disruptive and innovative ways, providing students with the key skills that employers value and prioritize.

Interested in working in a makerspace? Well we have three to choose from. Want to starting a company? No problem, the Duke Angel Network, the Duke Startup Challenge, the Duke Incubation Fund, and the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurship Program provide access to alumni VCs, mentorship, and seed funding opportunities (see links below), plus access to a whole host of other resources for commercializing your venture. Interested in living in a dorm with other student entrepreneurs? Great, the Cube offers a selective living dormitory for entrepreneurs. Interested in joining a club related to commercial or social entrepreneurship?  There’s bound to be a club for you!  Want to learn more about biodesign, inventing medical devices, or how to apply coding skills to drive environmental sustainability efforts (see links below). There are 50+ courses related to entrepreneurship and innovation, and there are no less than five academic certificates that will allow you to develop a focused course of study, and a new Duke-wide graduate-level certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship is in the works.

And lastly, I’ll throw out a plug for the program I’m involved with – I’m a current Stanford University Innovation Fellow, and if you’re interested in improving the current innovation and entrepreneurship offerings at Duke, you might want to apply to the Stanford University Innovation Fellows program and join the amazing team of scholars, staff, professors, mentors, and investors who work tirelessly to make sure that Duke consistently produces best-in class innovators and entrepreneurs. I hope you take the time to explore the resources below, they really speak to the commitment that Duke has made to preparing the next generation of innovators.


Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs

  • Expert who want to collaborate with teams to make industry specific products
    • Medical Device Strategy –
    • Designing Innovations for Global Health –
    • Hacking for Conservation & Development –
    • Biodesign Course –
    • Social Innovation Practium –
  • New engager who wants to take an introductory course, workshop, or immersive learning experience in entrepreneurship
    • Social Entrepreneurship Courses (graduate level) –
    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Courses (undergraduate and graduate level) –
    • I&E Academy skills workshops –
    • Duke in Silicon Valley –
    • Duke in Chicago –
    • DukeEngage Detroit –


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