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Former Duke Students' Start-Up Featured in ExitEvent

Published: 5 years ago | 0 comments

2015 Borchardt Prize winners, Shelly Li and Arun Karottu, and their start-up, Start Metals Recycling, were featured in ExitEvent! See a short excerpt from the article below and read the full article by Ibanca Anand here!

“At the end of their sophomore year of college, Duke students Shelly Li and Arun Karottu made an observation that would change the course of their lives. As the semester came to a close, they noticed their friends throwing away end-of-life electronics in the dumpster. Among piles of empty ramen noodle containers and stacks of discarded class notes laid cell phones, laptops, cameras, and speakers that, too, were destined for the landfill.

This moment was just a glimpse for Li and Karottu into the larger problem of electronic waste recycling in the United States. Out of the roughly 384 million electronic devices disposed nationwide in 2014, only 19% were recycled.”


Read the full article here.


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