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New I&E Course Offerings for Fall 2018

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  • IE-290-01 Special Topics – Media, Entertainment & Tech
    Students will get a deeper understanding of the media and entertainment space and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as context around players in today’s media and entertainment. We will focus on entrepreneurs and innovative companies and creators revolutionizing media and entertainment, as well as thought leaders in the space. The class will feature cases, articles, speakers, in class discussion along with a term long project. The class will cover key categories and innovative companies that are defining today’s next generation of media and entertainment in consumer platforms, programmers/content, and new innovations (e.g. eSports, Gaming, VR and AR, Podcasting, AI, Blockchain). The modules will include case days, discussion days and speaker days. Additionally, the class will hit on key fundamentals to the industry such as rights management, data, regulation, revenue fundamentals (advertising, subscriptions), fundraising for content companies, audience development and corporate culture.
    MW 1:25pm-2:40pm, Instructor: Jed Simmons


  • IE-290-10 Special Topics – Founders Workshop
    Introduction to startups and customer discovery. Open to sophomores and juniors in all majors. Students will work in teams for the semester and be responsible for fully developing their own startup pitch. Truly understanding their solution will require interviewing potential customers and refining or reinventing their approach. Students will present their work each week. This course will set the foundations of knowledge, processes, and skills required to start a venture.
    TuTh 3:05pm-4:20pm, Instructor: Steven McClelland


  • IE-390S-02 Advanced Special Topics – Leading a Life of Impact
    “Leading a Life of Impact” is designed to enable students to understand and harness the power of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship as behavior and practice. This course is divided into four main sections: Awakening, Exploring, Planning, and Sharing. Each section will include various exercises, activities, interactive conversations on and off-campus, providing you with an experiential and interdisciplinary approach to learning the fundamental principles and application of Life and Social Entrepreneurship. Students should be prepared to ambitiously step out of their comfort zone and into a new realm of learning and action.
    F 10:05am-12:35pm, Instructor: Christopher Gergen


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