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I&E Interim Director Kip Frey Shares Value of I&E Certificate, New Pathways

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This week, undergraduate students had the chance to meet interim director of the Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative, Kip Frey.

Frey shared stories from his career as a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist while sharing the benefits students could receive from enrolling in the I&E Certificate.

“I promise you will get a level of value from the I&E Certificate that I don’t think can be duplicated anywhere else,” Frey said.

In the I&E Certificate, students take courses that help them think innovatively and understand the entrepreneurial process.

Frey, who has served as the CEO of several companies and is currently the president and CEO of a startup called Dognition that uses science to test dogs’ personalities, also warned against common misconceptions about entrepreneurship.

“Many people think entrepreneurship is about having an idea for a company,” he said. “I want to make sure you understand that’s a very narrow sliver of what we focus on at Duke I&E.”

Instead, he explained, the I&E Certificate is for everyone – whether their passion lies in computer science, biology, art or architecture – because innovative thinking and problem-solving can be applied to any field.

The I&E Certificate is structured to help students match courses with their interests, with pathways in technology and design, social innovation and policy, media, arts and entertainment, and culture, community and commerce.

Students can also pursue an unscripted pathway, or a pathway of their own design that allows them to pursue multiple interests.

The material learned through the I&E Certificate will help supplement what students learn in any major, making the lessons more useful and relevant to the world, Frey said. Students who take the I&E Certificate are likely to be more successful in a rapidly changing workforce.

“If you graduate from here being passionate about something – regardless of what your passion is – and along with that, you understand how to think about these issues of innovation and change, you will be equipped to do amazing things,” he told the students.

Frey will hold one additional info session about the I&E Certificate on Thursday, October 26 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. in West Duke 202. Students can RSVP to meet Frey here. The next deadline for sophomores to apply to the I&E Certificate is Wednesday, November 1. First-years and sophomores may apply for the following deadline, February 19.

By Katie Jansen

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