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Ignite Retreat: Student Reflection

Published: 3 years ago | 0 comments

By Wandi Che

I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity sponsored by Duke I&E to attend the Ignite Retreat in Asheville, NC. The retreat has been a very thought-provoking experience: The programming materials offered by the facilitators introduce me to various creative ideas, and perspectives from different people enrich my own understanding of social innovation and entrepreneurship.

The most impressive section of the retreat for me is the “Unlocking Creativity” workshop led by Spud and Chad. During the workshop, the facilitators used creative and interactive activities to make people energetic at the beginning: ice-breaker, creative drawing, etc. Following the energetic vibe in the room, people begin to share their experience in problem solving. I was amazed at the different approaches in solving problems and the underlying different systems of thinking. Then, during the small group discussions, we furthered the problem-solving framework in addressing real-world problems. Our group was given the task of promoting gender equality, encouraging people to come up with creative solutions. The workshop introduced me to a variety of different ideas and ways of thinking, which I found to be very useful and exciting.

In addition to the workshop, the retreat was designed to create space for people to get to know each other and inspire innovative thinking. The people I met during the retreat come from a variety of different backgrounds. The conversations during the treat were filled with energy and the dream to make a difference in the world, which inspire me to think about creative ways in tackling the social issues I am concerned about.

Photo of participants at Ignite Retreat

Photo of presenters at Ignite Retreat

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