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Ignite Retreat: Student Reflection

Published: 3 years ago | 0 comments

By Rainie Thai

The hype for scholars to attend this retreat comes from these 3 questions: are we eager to create change in the world, do we have ideas to better our community, and do we want to be a part of that movement? The goal for this retreat was made very clear from these inspiring questions. These questions aim to drive scholars to find the toolkit to be leaders back on campus or in their community.

The staffs at the retreat did a great job of uniting about a hundred of like-minded individuals and assisting us to form a supportive cohort. Our task for the weekend was to actively engage in activities that would unlock our skills. We gained ideas from each other by participating in group activities such as drafting ideas with our Doctor Evil hat. My main question entering the retreat was what does it take to be a leader, a changemaker? They focused on addressing the characteristics of a changemaker throughout the weekend. My interpretation of a changemaker from the weekend was a person who pioneered new solutions to pressing problems.

There were 3 tracks: personal track, problems track, and project track. They designed this retreat with several tracks to allow me to explore some potential career paths and dig deeper into a set of problems that I am passionate in. I started out with the personal track to uncover my skills and passions and explore the mindset of a social entrepreneur. I moved onto the problems track because it was designed for me to work on a set of problems and to unlock my other passions. This track gave me concrete and practical skills.

I met a social entrepreneur by the name of Chad Littlefield. He was very inspirational. His activities were challenging but very interactive. Those activities allowed me to breakdown communication barriers and increase connection with the scholars in the room. He seemed very passionate in solving social problems. I will use the tools he has equipped me at IGNITE to continue having conversations that matter to individuals in my college community.

I want to personally thank Duke I&E for making this journey possible for me. It was a meaningful experience, and it has motivated me to pursue my passion.

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