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Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate Launched

Published: 4 years ago | 0 comments

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Certificate Attracts Undergraduates

Nearly 100 students were accepted into our new I&E Certificate which was launched in Fall 2014, with coursework beginning in the Spring 2015 semester. The I&E Certificate program teaches students to use their creativity and technical skills to address cross-disciplinary problems.

The program, meant to complement any major, is designed to develop the entrepreneurial spirit while supporting the University’s mission of pursuing knowledge through service to society. Students learn about collaboration, assessing an idea’s validity, and how to bring those concepts to reality.

Interest in the program has been overwhelming. There are currently 98 students in the program, representing more than 20 majors, including neuroscience, mechanical engineering, literature, computer science, theater studies, and history.

Launching a start-up business isn’t required, but participants must complete four courses – gateway, keystone, elective, and capstone – as well as two thematically-related experiential learning activities that total 450 hours. These experiences can be internships at innovative companies, start-up work, lab or field experience, civic engagement, or an independent venture.

All applications are received online and are reviewed by the I&E Certificate Advisory Committee. Interested juniors must apply no later than the end of the fall semester drop/add period. Sophomores can apply at any time, and freshmen are eligible at the start of their second semester.

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