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Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs Demo Day 2018

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At the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs Demo Day this year, 15 groups pitched to an audience of about 100, including investors. Out of the 15, 7 were alumni-led and 8 were student-led. This year, approximately $170,000 was committed on the spot by investors to various startups, and approximately $2M was offered pending diligence.

Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs is a year-long intensive fellowship program at Duke in which undergraduate students work together as a cohort, with dedicated mentorship and support, to create their own startup. Melissa and Doug Bernstein personally assist students with the support, mentorship, and network opportunities they need to help turn their creative ideas into promising ventures. Students attend workshops, enjoy VIP access to visiting speakers, and gain insight from experts with real-world knowledge.

The program begins in January and includes a summer stipend that allows students to fully focus on their own ventures. The Demo Day event, held at Melissa and Doug’s home in Westport, CT, each November, is the culminating experience. Students “pitch” their startups in front of an audience of alumni and supporters and receive valuable feedback, advice, guidance, connections, and investments to help bring their ideas to life. Learn more here.

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