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Prestigious Duke Scholars Selected for Duke I&E Research Fellows Program

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Duke I&E Research has established the Duke I&E Research Fellows, a set of 28 prestigious scholars at Duke whose work focuses on questions related to entrepreneurship and innovation, regardless of disciplinary background. Their research findings are relevant to current issues in economic development, finance, policy, medicine, and law, as well as other areas. David T. Robinson, professor of finance and the William and Sue Gross Distinguished Research Fellow at the Fuqua School of Business, heads the Research arm of Duke I&E. Through the fellowship program, Robinson is harnessing and showcasing the great work that is already taking place at Duke, as well as continuing a concerted effort to build a formal I&E research community. “The fellows and their collective research findings will set Duke apart as one of the very best institutions in the country for research in innovation and entrepreneurship,” Robinson said.

Through the program, fellows have the opportunity to broadcast their work on SSRN under a newly created I&E Research Fellows Working Paper Series. Duke joins Chicago Booth, HBS, the U.S. Census Bureau Center for Economic Studies and the Kauffman Foundation as part of the Entrepreneurship Research & Policy Network. This abstracting service will increase visibility for I&E research at Duke. In addition, Blakely Blackford, the Research Outreach Coordinator for I&E, is working with the fellows to develop short, media-friendly articles to reach a larger audience, including policymakers, entrepreneurs and practitioners.

Duke I&E Research also sponsors the Duke I&E Research Seminar Series, which brings research faculty from top universities to present work and to meet one-on-one with members of the Duke faculty. The series has sparked an interdisciplinary dialogue on innovation and entrepreneurship research.

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