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Welcome to Research at the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative!

Intellectual Leadership

We convene and support scholars committed to studying and revealing the core principles of innovation and entrepreneurial action and to disseminating knowledge for the benefit of society.

Duke Transform Bullpen

I&E Research Symposia

These bi-annual events offer a venue for local, triangle area scholars to present early stage research in an informal “brown bag” setting.

People attend a conference at the Duke I&E Bullpen

I&E Research Conference

This annual spring event brings together leading scholars in the field from across the country to present publish-ready work, collaborate and network.

Interior of The Bullpen

Kenan Institute Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Research Pre-Conference

The Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise hosts the Frontiers in Entrepreneurship Research each January. In the summer, we partner with the Kenan Institute to offer this intimate pre-conference event.

I&E Research Fellows

I&E Research Fellows are junior faculty at Duke who are awarded a two-year appointment with Duke I&E to support and amplify their I&E scholarship.

Learning Laboratory

We use our programming and classrooms as field settings in which to study teaching and learning about innovation and entrepreneurship.

People attend a conference at the Duke I&E Bullpen

Entrepreneurship Education Community of Practice

Our instructors meet regularly to discuss and develop pedagogy, curricula and core content related to entrepreneurship education at Duke.

Students make their way through West Campus during an afternoon class change.

Understanding Entrepreneurship Education at Duke

We are conducting a longitudinal research study investigating the quality and impact of our educational programming.

David Robinson headshot

I&E Core Faculty

I&E Core Faculty serve as champions and ambassadors for I&E across Duke. We have I&E faculty in every school at Duke.

Organizational Development

We deploy research methods to lead continuous improvement, organizational learning, and program evaluation efforts at the Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Duke I&E Annual Report

Metrics and Data Tracking

Program Evaluations

Lunch and Learns

Useful Links & Resources

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