Let’s Be Well Red

Let’s be Well Red (LBWR) is a social venture that aims to combat iron-deficiency anemia in India. 80% of India is anemic amounting to over 900 million people. Anemia is responsible for 65% of the maternal and fetal deaths in the country and is one of the leading causes of learning deficits among Indian children. 

In 2011, our founder, Rajvi Mehta conducted anemia testing and treating camps in the urban slums of Mumbai during which she tested and treated over 5000 anemic patients. During these interactions she found that while most patients were enthusiastic about adding iron to their diet after understanding the consequences of anemia, they were looking for a simple solution to their problem–they were looking for one iron-rich food supplement that contained the required daily dosage of iron. So, after one year of experimentation, LBWR launched its very own Gudness bar–an iron rich nutritional bar that contains enough iron to suffice a person’s daily iron requirement.