The Mayan Store

The Mayan Store, co-founded by Gonzalo Pertile, MIDP’17, is a Guatemala-based company dedicated to the design and production of exclusive handmade home decor and personal accessories. They focus on revealing the traditional artisanal techniques of Central America, through innovative careful design.

Committed to the preservation of Mayan cultural heritage, they promote environmental and social awareness through the use of recycled materials and developing sustainable trade opportunities for their special network of artisans. The company currently provides job opportunities for more than 550 artisans in Guatemala.

Their designers work closely with artisans and indigenous communities of the region. They aim to introduce new concepts to handmade gifts and accessories, developing high quality innovative products that provide a twist towards sustainability and well-being.

Gonzalo and The Mayan Store were just chosen for the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, which was started last year to empower entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean who are creating a positive influence in their societies and helping with human development. Check out DCID’s recent article on that here.

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