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While our faculty and staff members represent a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, and areas of interest, they’re all dedicated to a common goal—supporting the Duke community in changing the world through entrepreneurial action.

Our Team

Duke I&E’s staff serves to educate, support, and connect Duke’s innovation system, as well as forging connections with Duke’s partners and the Durham community.


Sarah Morrison

Communications Director


READ BIO about sarah morrison

David T. Robinson

Director of Research


READ BIO about david t. robinson

Martin Ruef

Director of Graduate Studies


READ BIO about martin ruef

William Rogers

Promotions Specialist

READ BIO about william rogers

Mitch Sava

Managing Director of Programs and Operations

READ BIO about mitch sava

Melissa C. Smith

Program Coordinator

READ BIO about melissa c. smith

Juleen Weber

Senior Program Coordinator, Experiential Programs

READ BIO about juleen weber

Kyle Williams

Senior Program Coordinator, Education

READ BIO about kyle williams

Leah Wills

Program Coordinator

READ BIO about leah wills
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