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Seize the opportunity to connect with groundbreaking Duke startups, engage with top-tier talent, and unlock potential investment prospects, strategic customer relationships, and valuable partnerships. Get inspired by trailblazing startups spanning diverse sectors like healthcare, AI, consumer goods, services, and energy.

Join us for an afternoon where energy meets opportunity—and where your insights could help shape the landscape of tomorrow's business giants.

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Liam Frumkin '26

Healthy snacks seeking to improve lives through simple snacks and simple ingredients! The snacks are vegan, gluten-free, high protein, high fiber, and made of only natural ingredients. Additionally, money from every pouch goes to No Kid Hungry and the National Eating Disorder Association.

Anon ID

Javier Casado Cocero MBA '24

Anon ID is a private, yet verifiable, Web3 version of Face ID tailored to the needs of the gaming and entertainment ticketing industries.


Avihan Jain '27, ConnEr Aldrich '27

AI teddy bears to transform how children interact with technology.


Andri Kadaifciu '27

Biotein is a wellness start-up developing an affordable, non-invasive, and trackable biological-age test to assess the risk of aging-related diseases and inform healthy lifestyle choices.


Vivian Yang MSQM '24, Alex Meng BSE '25

CarRole aims to build new connections between supply and demand in the auto industry, supplying a media sharing platform that encourages potential consumers to choose, drivers to create, car fans to assemble, and dealers to target.


Aden ClementE '24, Aubteen Pour-Biazar '26

Demos is a constituent engagement tool that helps elected officials save time and gauge constituent sentiment with unprecedented granularity.


Alex Yuan '24, Prince Okonkwo '25, Sam Seelig '24

Offering fabrics that combine comfortable textiles with therapeutic benefits for enhanced sleep.

Drono Robotics

Ifrah Sohail MSQM '25

Drono is a robot for your roof.


Harry Landis '24

Fanful stands at the forefront of revolutionizing fan engagement in sports. As a B2B2C platform, we empower sports franchises and fans alike by offering white-labeled social media platforms enriched with gamification and loyalty rewards. Our mission is to deepen the emotional connection and foster a sense of community among fanbases, transforming how they interact with each other and the teams they love.

Foundation AI

Rostan RodrigueS MBA '24

An AI copilot for healthcare quality reporting.

GuidSET Medical

Jake Peloquin PhD '24

GuidSET Medical aims to improve patient outcomes for trauma-based and point-of-care procedures by developing user-friendly surgical devices that provide various forms of feedback during operation.


John Buxton '26, Aryan Mathur '25, Bill Ssewanyana '26 

Helian is an online tool that allows retail and institutional investors to better visualize and understand the social and environmental impact of the companies in which they invest.

Infinity Portal

Jaylen Coleman BSE ’23, MEgM ’24

Infinity Portal offers a customizable LED display with a 3D optical illusion effect, creating an infinite light tunnel from every perspective. The PORTAL is fully portable with a 3D-printed frame, allowing users to light up any room or environment.

Newton's Archive

Aurni Zaman MBA '24

Bangladesh's first and largest handcrafted scented candle store that delivers unique scents and gifts for loved ones.


Rui Sun MEgM '25

PurrfectSmile is a smart hardware company revolutionizing pet oral care through innovative products paired with smart apps and AI-driven analysis for proactive pet health management.


Matthew Scola '24

SaveOr is an easy-to-use software platform that generates better outcomes for families by providing a solution for managing the transfer of tangible personal property. Families often neglect to make plans for their treasured possessions following their passing, which can result in family conflict and disagreements. SaveOr allows users to sort and categorize their tangible personal property to ensure cherished goods are correctly transferred and useless knick-knacks are sold or given to charity.

Students Who Sit

Sydelle Bernstein '26

Students Who Sit offers reliable, affordable, and consistent child care services for the children of Duke's faculty and staff, all while empowering students by providing them with a stable income in a safe, enriching, low-pressure environment.


Joe Janey MBA/MPP ’25

Sync60's Learning and Employment Record platform enables workforce development organizations and community colleges to better support their current and future job seekers. 


Clayton Bromley BSE '24, Jacob Becker BSE '24

Defense medical technology startup TOWSTER is pioneering casualty evacuations for clandestine denied-airspace combat scenarios while offering en route hyperbaric oxygen therapy and covert underwater evacuation capabilities.


Alleviate Health

John Xu '26, Saathvik Boompelli '25, Arnav Jindal '25, Ajay Krishnamurthy '25

AI-supported automated scheduling and care programs for medical/dental practices and hospitals



Sarah Houston '24

Aurganics creates plant-powered solutions for melanin-rich skin, because our skin is worth more than gold (Au). Aurganics products inhibit excess melanin production at the source without compromising your skin.

Beta Care

Ogheneruno Obafemi MBA '25

Betacare is an m-health company that is democratizing healthcare for all in Sub-Saharan Africa irrespective of their socioeconomic status or geographical location by providing health education, health insurance, and medical services that are accessible, convenient and affordable.

College to Climate

Casey Goldstein '24

College to Climate is a global platform dedicated to helping college students find career opportunities in climate. We began by hosting virtual meetups and the platform quickly reached students on 6 continents and at over 70 universities.


Ben Neubert PhD '25

The DownLoad medical device transforms patient care in hospitals by automating one of the hospital’s dirtiest jobs - urine and stool measurement, delivering accurate, real-time data to effectively enhance nurses' quality of life and improve patient care.


Tiana Elame MEM '24

The first environmental marketplace that leverages the power of AI and community collaboration to improve physical spaces to be climate ready. EnvAns is connecting its users to certified products, research, and trainings to ensure the country is climate ready.

Fleet Vision

Harlan Belcher MEM '24, Andrew Dreis MEM '24

A market intelligence service for commercial electric vehicle charging infrastructure developers that uses computer vision to provide unique prospective customer data enabling superior business development performance.


Jason Lee '24

Ganglion equips neuro-ICU and stepdown nurses with a mobile medical device that increases their access to affordable and accurate pupillary screening in clinical care.


Lasal Mapitigama '26

HayhaBots sells software for automating purchases on online stores, with many resellers leveraging HayhaBots' fast checkout speed to buy items before they sell out.


Arya Diwase MBA/MPP '24

Himayat is a comprehensive digital HR management and employment benefits platform serving urban households and domestic workers (DWs) in India, where currently 500 million households employ at least one domestic worker. Through Himayat, employers can save money, recriut, and retain consistent labor, whereas domestic workers can gain benefits and security.


Urenna Okoye '24

IZUCHI provides the knowledge, guidance, and confidence to have more choices, freedom, and impact through holistic financial literacy and advisory.


Mingyu Zhou MA '25

AI-driven text-to-speech production and protection.


Ken Kalin BSE '25, Alec Liu BSE '25, Del Cudjoe BSE '25

QuikCal digitizes construction delivery management whiteboards for commercial general contractors.


Victor Yang MBA '25, Yanpei/Sophia Hui MBA '25, Li Lan MBA ‘25

We are driving a paradigm-shifting collaboration between Duke's MBA program and the medical school, pioneering a groundbreaking therapy that triggers cancer apoptosis, poised to revolutionize cancer treatment.


Dhruv Bindra '25, Rahul Bhandari '26

A personalized Tinder-like shopping experience.

The Classroom Company

Harry Fazzone '26, Benjamin Chauhan '26, Sanjeev Chauhan BSE '26

We're building tomorrow's classroom by carefully integrating software and AI that supports student-teacher relationships.

Viewflow Medical

Paul Mosley MBA '24

Viewflow's groundbreaking technology promises to revolutionize blood flow assessment during surgery, providing surgeons with real-time and quantitative insights, ultimately enhancing patient care and reducing complications.