Certificate Requirements

To complete the Graduate / Professional I&E Certificate, students take two electives, a required Business Fundamentals course, and a Narrative Design Seminar. Students must complete all courses by the time they graduate from their primary academic program. Read more about these requirements and exceptions below.


Choose two electives from the accordion list. Please note that not all electives are offered every semester. Review current I&E course offerings hereSpecial topics courses (course numbers typically ending in 90) change frequently in title and content. In order to ensure that a special topics elective choice meets the Certificate requirement, students must clear their selection with the I&E Certificate staff. 

I&E 510 / PUBPOL 511 Social Innovation Practicum 
I&E 511 Designing Ethical Tech 
I&E 579 / ENERGY 579 Climate Tech Startups and Investors 
I&E 590* / PUBPOL 590 / GLHLTH 690 Global Health Practicum 
I&E 545 Design Climate 1, Discover
I&E 590* Design Climate 2, Develop
I&E 710 Research Tech Translation 
I&E 711 Commercializing Healthcare Technologies
I&E 712 Commercializing Climate Technologies
I&E 720 Design in Healthcare 1 / BME 790L Advanced Biomedical Design I / INTERDISC 407C Duke Design Health Fellows Program / HLTHMGMT 898: Design in Healthcare 1: Discover 
I&E 721 Design in Healthcare 2 / BME 774L Advanced Biomedical Design II / INTERDISC 407C Duke Design Health Fellows Program / HLTHMGMT 898: Design in Healthcare 2: Design 
I&E 722 Design in Healthcare Deploy / BME 790L Advanced Biomedical Design III / INTERDISC 407C Duke Design Health Fellows Program / HLTHMGMT 898: Design in Healthcare 3: Deploy 
I&E 748 / STRATEGY 848 New Ventures: Discover 
I&E 750 / STRATEGY 849 New Ventures: Develop 
I&E 752 / STRATEGY 851 New Ventures: Deliver
I&E 835 / PHARM 835 Innovations in Drug Development 
BME 788 Invention to Application: Healthcare Research Commercialization 
CLP 217 Allied Health – Community Engaged Approaches to Health Improvement 
COMPSCI 507D Mobile App Development for Programmers and Entrepreneurs 
DESIGNTK 590 AI in Design & Innovation
ECE 564 Mobile Application Development 
ENVIRON 767 Entrepreneurial Experience 
ENVIRON 782 Marketing for Environmental Professionals 
GLHLTH 701 Global Health Challenges 
GLHLTH 751 Implementation Science in Global Health 
GLHLTH 755 Global Health Policy – Transforming Evidence into Action 
ME 555 Experiment Design and Research Methods 
OT 620 Occupational Justice and Social Entrepreneurship 
OT 621 Becoming a Social Entrepreneur 
PUBPOL 590S Human Centered Design 
PUBPOL 790 Social Innovations 
PUBPOL 851 Human Centered Design 

I&E 800 – Business and Organizational Fundamentals for Entrepreneurial Action

This course is normally offered:

  • Spring Semester (3 credits)
  • Graduate Summer Academy (non-credit bearing)

Using entrepreneurship as a backdrop, this course provides a broad overview of business, including practical business fundamentals and theoretical frameworks for critical thinking. Students will experience the early stages of a typical startup, examine theoretical basis for startup success, understand managing and operating within an organization, and conduct a business analysis of competing companies.

The following students are exempt from taking I&E 800:

  • MBA candidates
  • Master of Engineering Management candidates
  • Students who have taken MENG 570 Business Fundamentals for Engineers or BME 590 Business Fundamentals in MedTech
  • Students who have taken both LAW 210 and LAW 540

I&E 745 – Narrative Design Seminar Series

This course is normally offered:

  • Fall Semester (1 credit)
  • Spring Semester (1 credit)
  • Graduate Summer Academy (non-credit bearing)

The Narrative Design seminar complements the Certificate coursework by helping students learn to communicate why others should value their ideas and innovations. Students will focus on common principles of storytelling, as well as concepts from theorists to develop appreciation of narrative’s role and structure to facilitate understanding and incite action. Students will then work in small groups to workshop presentations to prepare for an end-of-semester group pitch event in which each student presents to the audience.

*I&E 745 is required for all I&E Graduate Certificate students, except those who take BIOETHIC 702 Communication for Scientists.

Program-Specific Tracks

•    Masters of Engineering Management Students
•    Occupational Therapy Students