Assistant Director of Finance and Operations

In her role as Assistant Director of Finance and Operations, Nikki supports the development of strategic initiatives that help to keep Duke I&E running smoothly and effectively. She brings a passion for innovation, combined with a knack for organization and detail.

Nikki came to Duke I&E from Accenture where she worked across industries and sectors as a Strategy Consultant. During her time at Accenture, she also served as Program Manager for The Circulars, a start-up accelerator for early-stage sustainability-focused ventures.

Prior to consulting, she worked at a startup incubator in Cape Town, South Africa and completed internships in UX Design and Product Management.

Nikki holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Computer Science and Psychology from Duke University and owes her interest in innovation to her experience participating in the undergraduate I&E certificate.

Outside of work, Nikki enjoys staying active, spending time outdoors, dog-sitting, reading, and cooking.